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Grow beyond limits with Shroomy's precision tracking
Advanced Grow Tracking
Track like a pro with Shroomy's grow log, including photologging and comprehensive input fields aligned with community best practices, to capture every detail of your cultivation journey.
Simple Grow Browsing
Browsing through your Grow data is easy. See all of your details organized by each stage of your cultivation. Quickly navigate between Grows, phases and all of your Grow logs.
Share Your Success
Share your Grows with other Shroomy cultivators. By sharing, other cultivators will be able to browse your Grow end-to-end and learn from your best practices.
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We thought you'd never ask
What is Shroomy?
Shroomy is a tool designed to help mushroom cultivators manage and track the growth stages of their mushrooms, monitor environmental conditions, and, by providing data insights back so that cultivators can optimize their yields. Shroomy users can also share their Grow information with other cultivators to share their best practices, and learn from each other.
How do I create an account?
Currently, you can sign up for Shroomy by using any email address and unique password or with an existing Google account.

We are taking Shroomy Beta signups. You can express interest in joining by signing up above. We will be frequently adding interested users to the Beta.
Is my data secure?
We take data security seriously. All user data is securely stored, and you can also opt out of any Google Analytics tracking by toggling the option off in your account settings. For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy.
Can I track multiple projects simultaneously?
Yes, we don't have a limit on how many projects you can have active.
Is there a way to visualize the data collected?
Yes, the development team is working on different ways to visualize your data through different transformations. Shroomy will help you analyze your growth patterns and environmental conditions over time. Finding trends to better optimize your future grows is the goal!

If you have any specific visualizations you'd be interested in seeing, please send us your feedback at
Can I share my Grow projects with others?
Yes, you can share your grow projects with other Shroomy users by sending them an invite link which will prompt that person to sign into Shroomy to see your Grow. Note: currently this will make your grow public to any user that has access to your shared link.
How do I get support if I encounter issues?
If you need any help with Shroomy, please contact us at